Medical Data Entry Services

It has become completely essential for medical data to be digitized, as this provides a far easier method for locating, accessing and retrieving important clinical information. However, the process for digitizing large volumes of medical data into an electronic format can be quite time consuming and laborious. Outsourcing medical data entry to kenil network, a leading Healthcare IT Services company,
provides a simplified, Medical data entry services, best data entry company in Noida, best data entry company in India,and best data entry company in the world ,best data entry company near me,data entry services in India,best job from home,FORM FILLING PROJECT,FORM FILLING PROJECT, cost-effective solution for digitizing bulk clinical data. We seamlessly perform your outsourced medical data entry tasks such as medical claims data entry, medical billing data entry and medical records data entry, keeping accuracy and speed in focus; this enables your staff to focus efforts and resources on the more important aspects of your organization.

Medical Data Entry Outsourcing Services for a Range of Requirements

We are proficient in working with a wide variety of medical software, including Medic,
Medics II, Medisoft, Lytec, IDX, Misys, NextGen, Eclipse and Hypersoft. Our medical data
entry experts possess competencies for performing medical data entry for any type of
clinical data, such as:
> Charge Entry
> Hospital Records
> Tests or Lab Records
> Surgical Encounter Records
> Prescription Medication Records
> Clinical and Healthcare Records
> All Patient Information, Chart Information, Appointments, Account  Information, Insurance Details, Notes from the Doctor, Billing etc.
> Other Relevant Medical Documents
> Demographic Entries
> Payment Posting

Text and Numeric Data Entry
> Image Record Data Entry
> Handwritten Document Data Entry

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